Aug 22 2007First Fully Morphable Ball Bed


Allegedly this is the world's first "fully morphable" bed. It is constructed of plush spheres, attached by elastic bands. Now I'm not entirely sure what "fully morphable" means, but I think that my current bed (which is a sleeping bag) is, making this the second fully morphable bed. But that's beside the point. The point is that this thing is going to take the construction of blanket forts in my mother's kitchen to a whole new level.

First Fully Morphable Ball Bed [techeblog]

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Dude they covered this on Good Morning America already. Think about that. A fluff morning news show covered this first. Sad, sad stuff.

Yes. Blog's goin' downhill. There's a clear demarcation of quality, as soon as the new people were hired.

And why? Because they didn't hire me. Obviously.

demarcation? Is that even a word? Can't be, it has too many letters in it. No more than seven letters per word please, we're mostly Americans here!


Save that kind of jabber for the superficial. This is geekologie.

Stop coming here then. Idiots! I don't expect this blog to make life altering changes for me. And if you have seen all this already, congratulations, you have no life and have seen everything in the history of ever already. Great.

#2: Say something funny.

it looks like an animal.

Anyone have a link to a site that sells these in the US?

wow, i want one! it's like the egg crate bed thingy times a hundred! please someone find the site!

What I think is really sad is that someone watches Good Morning America.

It looks like you're sleeping on a herd of "Fry Guys"

The Morphable Ball Bed looks interesting but I will use my current bed.

Post by Dan,
Webmaster of the gadgets reviews site

This would be like krapillion times cooler if they had drawn open mouths with sharp teeth on these wimpy faceless red balls.
Then it would look like a swarm of mutant pac-man eating you... you get the picture?

Oh, bummer.... I´m way too talented for this galaxy.

Main Entry: de·mar·cate
Pronunciation: di-'mär-"kAt, 'dE-"
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ing
Etymology: back-formation from demarcation, from Spanish demarcación, from demarcar to delimit, from de- + marcar to mark, probably from Italian marcare, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German marha boundary -- more at MARK
2 : to set apart : DISTINGUISH

sure it's a real word, but you're still kind of a tool. ;)

This is the last bit of every fort ever made that you were always missing, it's the top netting bit. Perfect. Now my unemployment is complete.

i`d kill for one of these.
8) no seriously i`d kill a herd of sheep for this

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