Aerogel Frozen Smoke Is Awesome

August 22, 2007


Being a NASA astronaut (and international playboy), I've known about Aerogel (aka: frozen smoke, blue smoke, solid smoke, tasteless jello) since before it was invented. Having been on the scene for a while, many of you may be familiar with the material already, but for those of you out there that aren't, all you need to know is one thing: Its coolness is of mythical proportions.

Aerogel, one of the world’s lightest solids, can withstand a direct blast of 1kg of dynamite and protect against heat from a blowtorch at more than 1,300C. Scientists are working to discover new applications for the substance, ranging from the next generation of tennis rackets to super-insulated space suits for a manned mission to Mars.

I actually had a bed made of Aerogel a few years ago, but one of my live in girlfriends at the time moved it to clean. When I came home from work and threw myself down where the bed used to be I broke all my ribs. Now I live in the hospital.

Check out the article for lots more info. Then buy some on ebay and send it to me.

Aerogel Frozen Smoke is Awesome [thanks to ladykiller Bryon for the article]

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