Jul 25 2007Tank Limousine


So what do you do if you've got a few spare tanks lying around and plenty of time? Turn one of them into a limo of course.

So at Christmas we pulled out the best armored personnel carrier from 30 we had laying around. A bit of a special not only fitted with a turret for when it was on the Berlin wall, and one of only 13 ever made but she also had some strange mine laying or clearing gismo on its rear which we binned. We decided on Gloss white as you would. Chopped a few windows in the side fitted smoked glass Fridge; twin DVD's reversing cameras completely re trimmed the interior. We found the army had left the massive diesel powered crew heater in one of the 432,s so we threw that in as well.

The Tank Limo will set you back between $3200 to $8000 per hire, but can you imagine pulling up anywhere in this thing? It's a limousine, but it's also a tank. And, God willing, one day it'll also be my home.


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Reader Comments


That'd scare the shit outta any normal person.
Perfect for when I rule the world.

good thing its white, a black limo would be all wrong for the wedding


I want that for my super sweet sixteen.

I only ride in style. And to me, style=destruction.

you would think that someone with the time and money to do this could afford a better website......

yeah i took this bad boy to my prom. i ran over all my enemies and shot at the school a coupla times.
best. prom. ever.

sweet! does this come with the warthog?

i'd do some driveby's with this thing...

... I want to have sex in that thing?

this should work great for all the movie premieres in Iraq this summer.


Great tank limo! You’re the luckiest person in this world if you have got a chance to taste the ultimate luxurious voyage in such a limo.

I am interested in hiring the tank. However I want to see pictures of the inside

The Tank Limo is brilliant, l have had the pleasure of hiring it

I wonder how much gas the limo-tank takes!!!

when can people check out the inside

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