Jul 3 2007Samsonite Black Label Hero Suitcase


Samsonite has introduced the creepiest suitcase ever created. The Hero Suitcase from their Alexander McQueen Collection is described as:

The human form is treated just like an animal skin, with the ribcage and sternum at the front of the case, and backbone at the back. The inside is formed by the negative of the outside shape in a soft molded form providing contrast with the outer protective hard shell.

Although why not save the police some time, and instead of buying this suitcase just wear a sign around your neck that says "I'm psychotic."

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It honestly looks like it would protect the contents better than the one i made....out of an actual human torso : \

this seems like an odd move for samsonite

In Soviet Russia, travelling clothes protect *your* torso.

Well I like it. On a completely unrealted note we just got HBO here in prison!

If you hire me will you pay me in creepy suitcases? Do you hire puppy kickers? Apparently it's a felony here in Rhode Island...

That is amazing.
Now I have an excuse as to why my luggage is shaped like human torso....


Woah Geekologie's so shiny now....

#8- Yea, I know.

I first saw this case back in April... I love it. It's even creepier in white.

So I guess I'm the only one who thinks this is lame. or are you guys just sucking dick cuz you want a job?

If we were "sucking dick," wouldn't we be "giving a 'job" rather than "getting a 'job"?

True. And the suitcase is pretty f***ing creepy. And I don't want a job with Alexander McQueen. Ew


"sucking dick", even if taken literally (like you have done) still isn't a job. clearly you're referring to the term "blow job"or "head job", which shows you are familiar with "slang names" and "figure of speech". so when i say "sucking dick" i mean "sucking up", "kissing ass", "brown nosing", and in this "specific" case, Geekologie is "hiring", so if one were to do a f"avour" (whatever it may be) for a potential "employer", one might "receive a job" in return.

Hope I "answered" your "question".

i saw this at neiman marcus
unfortunately, the smallest size costs 750 dollars
f*** you alexander mcqueen

He'd like that.

Oh boy, I bet rolling that creppy suitcase around an airport can get you an easy cavity check and luggage search. It`s truly ugly and sinister.

rofl @ #14

i think its creppy as hell tho


Here´s how to make one yourself, much cheaper.
1-Get a cheap stroller suitcase.
2-Kill some guy, and chop his torso clean.
3-Get the torso in the suitcase.
4-Leave it outdoors for about a week.
Voilá!!! All you have to do now is clean the inside of the suitcase. Or, just like I do, leave it as it is. When I travel I carry nothing but a rotten human torso.
**Bonus: use a female torso. The boobies give the suitcase a neat look.**

I want to be able to pump the handle on top so that it inflates and deflates hence it looks like your suitcase is breathing.
Or, stick a head on it, put a Burger king drinks cup nearby, cover it in rags with a cardboard sign, "Homeless and hungry"... then return at the end of the day and collect my liberal softy donation money.

#14 quoted a lot but didn't reference his sources...

Suitcase is cool, but I really hope you all are that desperate for a job, or that you have nothing better lined up. If somebody wants to hire me, they would have to seek me out. True, they don't have my number, address or any clue what I look like, but finding me is part of the game. Here's a hint: I'm in a suitcase.

that's made with photoshop

"sucking dick," I like it oooooooooooooooppppppppppppppsssssssssssss

No bones about it he's smuggling in ivory from elephants,
far out tusks not bones.

(ps, my pun was lame, but ur mums fat so we are even)

Very good Lolita, it is made with photoshop, i guess when samsonite sell a few of these they are going to be in some shit when all they have to sell is pictures of their product stapled to a regular suitcase.

"my name is Hero Suitcase, i come from the future"

Finally! As I fly from one place to another getting richer on the backs of the broken, I can carry a symbol of the climb to the top...one of the backs one which I've stepped.

(27th! And I am so looking for a job)

This article was both amusing and informative. Thank you Geekologie for bringing me the best in Art, Technology and Cutting Edge Entertainment. I love you, Geekologie. I love you very much!

I dig it. However, I try not to stand out or arouse any sort of suspicions in airports.

i rock

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