Jul 9 2007Orvis Stainless Steel Huge Flask


If you've ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I really need one gallon of whiskey to carry around" then this huge flask from Orvis is for you. It's exactly what it sounds like, a huge stainless steel flask that carries one gallon of liquid. It costs $198, but that's a bargain considering how inadequate it'll make all your other alcoholic friends feel.

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Reader Comments

Just ONE gallon?

i want to see the guy that "hides" that in his chest pocket.

"excuse me sir, what's that in your jacket"
"what's what"
"that huge lump that looks like an oversized flask"
"oh, that. that's nothing."
"sir, i need to ask you to - "
"shut up & i'll give you a sip"

or, it could be a gorgeous milk container. because i'm classy, and i need my 2% to be poured out of stainless steal.

wait... maybe i'll hold out for the platinum version.

I'm not buying this until it's encrusted with diamonds. And has a clock built in.

make that with yellow gold and a tv and a watch with diamond

#5, wearing a gallon of liquid that has a watch attached on your wrist? Classy.

i'll take two please

you guys are getting carried away now. all you need is platinum and an onstar system and you're set.

Finally, a company that understands my needs!

Try sneaking that into a ballgame.

that's weird, it has my initials on it. Must be a sign... a sign that i have some drinking to do!

I'll wait til it comes with an MP3 player made of fruit that you control with your mind built in, thanks

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