Jul 27 2007Hello Kitty in Swarovski crystals


Contrary to popular belief, a Hello Kitty doll made from 62,000 Swarovski crystals is 100% absolutely necessary. This monstrosity was displayed at the opening of a “Hello Kitty Selection” event at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo and costs 8 million yen ($66,115). And just look at how it delights the children. I haven't seen a child this happy since, well, the last time I was at the dentist.

Hello Swarovski [Japundit]

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keep in mind that the g-spot in a woman is the undeveloped prostate that formed before the sex differentiated in vitro

essentially, imagine what can happen with a g-spot and then think of how much bigger your prostate is

I will let your imagination fill in the rest

How did we get from talking about crystal kitties to buttsex?

You think that's a crazy Hello Kitty product? They have crazy stuff... they have a Hello Kitty salad spinner, coffee maker, TV, DVD Player, airline... and yes, they have a Hello Kitty vibrator.

The actual name of the cute little kitten is Kitty White and Hello Kitty is just its nickname. You can thank my Happy Meal for such awesome knowledge that will undoubtfully get you laid. Just start name-dropping.

This thing is actually a trick. Whoever buys it is guaranteed summary execution. If it's not, they should really consider that policy. That is simply heinous.


Damn little asian kid in the corner.
Playing mind tricks on me, mannn.

I have to say out of the three sister websites(geekologie, i watch stuff, and the superficial) you are by far the funniest writer/blogger.

kudos to you.

the hello kitty toys are the only reason i go to mcdonalds. i even discovered they let you have a happy meal with two fries and apple juice! but it just leads to me getting fatter.

this gigantanormous kitty though... i shall go to japan and attempt to lick it.

don't say mean things about HK, she's cute!! although .. not so cute anymore when being 5' and plastered with rhineston..er, swarovskicrystals ((?!) why?) O_o

But me loves Sanrio and HK!!!!! (and chococat and my melody and keroppi!!) =^_^= V

#2 - If you have to ask, Amy, you'll never know...

(no, I have no idea either)

I think it'd look even better if you kept Kitty's body, but put this head on it:


wait, does hello kitty have a tail?

I don't think it has a tale (form the cat position).

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It was really nice.

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It is really nice))
I like it =)))


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