Jul 12 2007Girl knits herself a Ferrari


Art graduate Lauren Porter knitted herself a Ferrari for her honors degree at Bath Spa University. Ananova reports:

The classic red bodywork consists of 250 squares of garter stitch made by Lauren and 20 family members and friends. The windows are V-shaped stocking stitch, while the details are crochet and the badge is embroidered. It's all supported by a steel frame which Lauren, 22, of Greatham, Hants, welded herself.

I don't know what Bath Spa University is, but if they take a knitted Ferrari as a final project then they're okay in my book.

NOTE: If you want to be taken seriously as a university, nothing says "we're credible" like naming yourselves Bath Spa University.

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1st!!! iPhone!!!!

i want a knitted SAAB :)

bath spa is a prestigious arts based university in the south west of england.

I assume it's located in Bath, England no?

It's called Bath Spa because it is located in the city of BATH. Which is famous for its Roman SPAS.

Although 'em', Prestigious?! Where did you get that from?!

NOTE: Bath Spa is named Bath Spa university because it is in the roman city of Bath, Wiltshire, famous for its roman baths and spas.

It is also the best city in the UK ever times one million, and if i'm not living in Canada when i'm older, i'm going there instead.

This is the car GuySmiley uses to run over sideways bikers
from the 3rd person perspective!
Feel the wrath of GuySmiley!

The back seat looks cozy and it matches my socks.

She needs to knit herself a life, dildo

i heart bath too.

if I got 20 family and friends to work on my thesis, wouldn't that be called cheating?

I'm going to Bath Spa in September, and now it's famous and stuff. Awesome =D

She needs to teach the iPhone mom how to knit.

This is really old. I saw it in the flesh (wool?) at the UK Motor Show in London, a year ago- it waslabelled, presumably to stop American people from thinking it was a real car.

14/ Hahahahahahahahahahahah ZING

You may knock it all you want, but this project requires patience, practice, knowledge, time (see: a whole lot), creativity, precision, and did I mention patience? She welded the frame herself too, which is awesome. Granted I'd never do this, but I do like doing projects, and I like the end result. That and I love Ferrari. One day I shall drive the F60 Enzo Ferrari...hit the "race" button, and hit the paddle shifters until it hits 217mph. roxxor!!

I know, I know...I R Dork.

cool...yet sad

'Prestigious' haha, I like to see a sense of humour! And if you want to sound like a local try this..."Yer we arr Baff Spar"

Ancient story... first appeared in the summer of 2006...


Tsk tsk tsk... keep up with your knitting news!

omg f*** ivy league, i'm switching to bath spa university. i bet they'll take this piece of gum i just chew for a masters thesis.

only if 20 of your relatives helped you chew it.


eshte shume i bukur ky ferrari

Doesn't even look like a ferrari

Pretty sweet! What else do they accept for Honor Degrees?

hahaha and on facebook they are selling this same thing as a cake!!!
you should give these guys a call!


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