Jul 20 2007Electromagnetic Floating Planet Earth Globe


This electromagnetic globe costs about $140 and floats in the air as if by magic. And when I say "as if by magic" I mean by actual magic. How else would you explain it? Physics? Ha! I laugh at your physics. This, my friends, is sorcery.

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that my friends, should be a Death Star...to hell with the EARTH.

Notice the country name that is most directly facing the camera? Damn straight, once again the powers that be are sending me a message. It's obvious I will one day dominate the world, after developing my anti-grav or zero-point energy technology. Or it wants me to by this globe. One or the other.


Yes, Joe, Libya. Because Libya is the one most directly facing the camera. Or, just maybe, you should incorporate both latitude and longitude into your powerful skills. Christ, there is even an equator on the globe, making it more than easy to see where the center, and thus, the most directly facing points are. But, I guess I shouldn't bitch too much, This is the first time I've had to deal with your piss-f***edness in a while.

Do they make this in Uranis?

Is Uranis some sort of planet? I've never heard of that one. You should try looking into Uranus, I heard it's nice this time of year...

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. need i bring up the fact that it's not on the correct axis?? 23.5° wouldn't be that hard to imitate, yeah?

See, if my history teacher had this in his room, everyone would wanna look at the globe.
And then, God forbid, they just might learn something.

Yeah the Death Star would be cool. Vanman, I'm also lost as to what country you are talking about.

So it'd make a nice compliment to my desk.. that erases my credit cards and disrupts my CRT monitor?

Since I don't know how this works scientifically, it must be magic...or a ghost....or god....

ewww god...
i rather it be something Harry Potter conjured up.

That's pretty sweet. If it didn't cost $140, I would get one.

go to www.instructables.com and learn how to make one yourself.

HA! sorcery ?? you've got to be kidding me.. There's obviously dark matter in the globe, (which is why the globe is black, duh!), which is positively attracted to the sky, thus it "levitates".

Vanman, stop being a whining bitch. I know that you were trying to say Chad in your own f***ing retarded way, but I was being sarcasitic to your name. Pull your head out of your ass and relax. You seem a little tense.

Death Star for sure. One with sound effects and a "super laser" that fires foam darts at workmates....

We sell them for $ 99 USD (from Mexico) mail me if some one is interested...

i am tense. i could lick your balls if you like.

uhhh........its called magnetism(physics), magic my ass..

you know your a nerd if you could calculate the electromagnetic field produced by this setup lol

after reading all the comments i´m left to say (again): americans are sooooo stupid.

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