Jul 27 2007Bee Miniature Paper Sculpture


This is a miniature paper sculpture of a bee which stands at 6 cm tall and was designed and crafted by artist Elsita.

For the making of this bee I arranged 25 little pieces of paper that I carefully cut with a sharp knife and scissors. I gave volume to the pieces by pressing them from the backside with a wooden tool. Then the parts were glued together with professional acid free glue. The paper used is white 260 g/m smooth Bristol.

Each is hand made and will look slightly different. The artist is selling them for $49.50 each, which seems a little steep for something I could probably make myself. And by 'probably make myself' I mean crumple up some paper and glue it together and then start crying because it looks absolutely nothing like this.

Product Page [Etsy]

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JC.... You are a complete loser man. At least post something after "FIRST!"-

JC.... You are a complete loser man. At least post something after "FIRST!"-

Felipe....You are one to talk double posting like that LMAO

These suck. I can't believe people would pay $50 for a fly..

Could at least have coloured them Bee-colour.

If you want to see some really good papercraft, check out -


Okay, so I'm not selling the idea so well, but his stuff is actually really really good.

While I'm linking to awsome artists, you should check this guy out -



Julian Beever does incredible anamorphic perspective pavement art. I think he may be technically insane to achieve some of what he does.

I like it but I don't like it $50 worth.

What the hell?
Why would I pay $50 for this thing?!
It's not even like I can do anything with it!
It'd rather have a paper airplane to throw in class, thankyouverymuch.


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