Jul 9 20074th of July Man Cannon

It's Fourth of July. You're drunk. Why wouldn't you set off 73 roman candles?

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Man cannon is my nickname. Also the devastationer.

we used to do shit like that, only we were firing them at the kids across the creek....nothing wakes you up like a dzen bottle rockets lauched in your direction.

this is quite possibly the best 4th of july video i've ever seen, hats off to the boys in louisville who pulled this off

Darwinism at work

That's pretty f***ing cool.

I was waiting for idiot peering at the bundle to see what didn't go off to get a face full of fireworks. He's probably missing some fingers from shoving his hand down the garburator while attempting to unjam it.

Well jillybean, you missed out. Now if you lived in the metro Detroit area, you could watched any given news report and taken gleeful delight in the 27 year old mother who had her head/face annihilated after inspecting the shaft of a three foot mortar in front of her children.

Died on the way to the hospital and I'm sure her kids are scared for life, just like God [and myself] wanted!

it would've been cooler if it was a trebuchet... a *ninja* trebuchet! KA-POW!

Superman used to be my hero. But now it's this guy.

That's nothing. We do that stuff for 4 hours straight AND we aim it at each other.


I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry Rocko, but seeing as my heart is shrivelled and my batwinged soul wizened, I'll go with the former.

Oh, and here's your missing R.

That sucks, I watched the whole video waiting for the accident that never happened.

Cool everyone is in toughguy mode!

I too was hoping to see someone killed - possibly a toddler. What a f***ing rip off. Who gives a f*** about colorfull balls of light whirled in the air during a celebration when there was the possibility of someones beloved family member having their face burned off.

Next year hopefully one of you nice folks will provide the entertainment (I nominate Chad) - and please; be sure to do it correctly. There are hopes and dreams on the line here.

Yes, apparently my proof reading skills are shit in the morning. Wouldn't happen to have my missing "have," would you?


This is why I love being from the USA. Blowing stuff up is part of our culture and very patriotic. Not blowing stuff up is not patriotic. And not patriotic is terrorism. Go AMERICA!!!!

It's all fun & games until someone looses a limb. Then it's PARTY TIME!!!

Oh, and StickyPubes-- In Mexico they have fireworks stores open year 'round, with plenty of shit to blow your hand off. If you're going to go Rambo, pick something America does _better_ than other countries, like f***ing with people and controlling them via Patriot Acts & the like.

What better way to pay our respects to our Founding Fathers than blowing some shit the f*** up.

G.Wash would be proud.

That really tickles me feces.

It didn't tear his hands off *BORED*

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