Jun 19 2007Wear Your Seat


The Wear Your Seat is basically a semi-rigid padded cushion that you wear on your back so you can sit down comfortably no matter where you are. It actually looks pretty comfortable, but they can't actually expect to sell any of these can they? I mean, look at it. The only people that would actually wear this in public are neon TMNT fans and people who hate themselves.

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At last! A way to cheat at breakdancing! Only 17 years too late!

Does it have to be pink?

It looks like an adult diaper.

So *that's* what it's like to have back fat and a gigantic ass. Next time I see a huge person complaining about a triple bypass I'm going to make sure to tell them to stop rubbing it in every one else's faces that we don't all have built in chairs. Because I'm all about making the world a better place.

Yet another invention meant for the homeless.

I believe this needs an 'owned' tag too...
I like how even the model wanted to be photoshopped out of the demo photo...

I'm going into prison next week so something like this could really make my next 5 years a little safer.

I'm so scared mommy.

Im in ur cell pokin ur pooper! (Boy, this never gets old!)

The pic on the bottom looks like a mutant pink bunny.
A buttsecks loving mutants pink bunny.

If you're so f***ing lazy that you need a chair strapped to your ass, then how likely is it that you're going to be walking anywhere?

What's next? A push-it-yourself gurney?

It looks like those Boobah things.....

its the future of sitting

Man, those things are gonna be bigger than Segway, It's like a revolution in arsewear.

That looks... dreadful!

I'd be afraid to get near one of these things for fear it'd come alive and rape me or something. I mean..look at it. Eep.

even the model wanted to remain anonymous. ha.

What if I want to wear someone else's seat?


I laughed so hard at the comments that i almost crapped myself. Man, that huge adult diaper would have come in really handy just about now.

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