Jun 20 2007Solid State Musical Tesla Coil


Ever seen a Tesla coil make music before? You have now. This is a solid state musical Tesla coil. Tesla coils normally operate at a frequency inaudible to human ears, but the musical Tesla coil produces sound by rapidly turning on and off at audible frequencies. Similar to how a fart works, only not similar at all and completely different.

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Reader Comments

I was half expecting someone to get struck down by a lightning coil. I am dissapointed.

"soop mahreeyo!"

this looks as fake as yer grandmas perky tata's

Oh.. uhm cool?
Looks kinda deadly and I don't understand it at all though but cool!

I think I saw the Mind Freak guy in the backround studying it. Chris Angel is suck a B.A. dude.

P.S. could somebody tell me if that last song was from Tetris.

it is

wow, that was lame. it would have been cool if the notes actually went in sync with the electric bolts.

I hope Beck uses that on his next album.

Join the Geekologie community, where bullshit articles are given a second chance to not matter again.

@10 - you win the internet.

gg everyone. might as well just log out now.

Are you people f***ing crazy? That might be the coolest f***ing thing I've ever seen in my life.

@12: Assuming you were blind for your entire life and then the miracle happened and the first thing you saw was this... THEN it might be the coolest f***ing thing you've ever seen in your puny life.

nah. this pretty much is the coolest thing backyard science has ever created.

#3, you're dreaming.
#8, they are in sync.

This is just shocking!

i think theres a guy at the side playing a keyboard. if not its pretty cool. the mario theme is the best. i can tell because the crowd cheered. and theyre probably scientists!!

Everybody goes nuts for the Super Mario Bros. music.

Whatever. Can it play "Modern Day Cowboy"? Cuz if it cant, then I'll just stick with the "real" Tesla, thank you.

Ahh....its C&C Red Alert all over again. Damn Soviets!

Why would someone comment if they haven't got a clue what they're talking about?
They're very real, you can build them yourself:



they should get one of those to play at a huuuuge rave but then they'll sneakily make it strike into the crowd and roast some of the E'd out folk. see how they like the feeling of THAT. yeah it's like the ultimate prank.

Are you nuts Bech? thats not even funny that would kill somone. did you not notice the boundary take in between the bright flashes.

Jean Michele Jarre would love that, if you know who he is xD

17. pearl182 - It is a person playing a keyboard in the background, where do you think the notes come from thin air.

The keyboard provides the notes and this goes through a modulator that converts it to electrical pulses, this output is then played through the Tesla coil. Think of the Tesla coil as the speakers.

Jack White should have built this

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen too!

Screw having a pool in your back yard! Id rather have a freaking musical tesla. Maybe it will zap some bugs while its at it!

Actually, they're fairly safe - and, for those who don't believe, Google it. The science behind it is really quite simple.

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