Jun 7 2007Skoda Capri 205 with wooden tires


This is a Skoda Capri 205 with, uh, wooden tires. And no, that's not some sort of euphemism or metaphor, they're actually tires made out of wood. Like sections of a tree trunk. I can't imagine that's a very comfortable ride, but it still beats my tires: human skulls! Just kidding, that'd be gross.






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;_; This makes me sad...I'm OF the Skoda family. They're really not bad cars anymore! XD Besides, I like their new ad campaign with the cars made of pastries. Now I'm hungry. Damn.

It's one of those arty-farty street installation things.. which apparently gets comments like ,"Oh is that legal in Prague?" or "Does a lumberjack change the wheels?"...

I think if your going to do something like this then go the whole hog and make the body out of stone and put the slag brothers behind the wheel... heck put Dick Dastardly behind it in car double zero and your well on the way to the whole Wackey Race...

AmyB... I'm with you all the way with that cake car advert...

It reminds me of an episode of South Park where Satan demanded a Ferrari cake for his birthday... mmmm car cake... *drool*

Ahh, eastern europe. I wonder how much they drank when they came up with that one :-)

Let me guess; you brake by jamming your heels into the ground. Yabba dabba dooooo!

Wow. Don't let the termites in the car, pa!

Me Czech! Me dont like you laughing at Czech car! Me bash your face with club!

haha jilllybean funny
but wouldnt you think the friction would cause the wood to well.... catch on fire

burn rubber, er...em wood

I like the guy standing there grinning. I think I'll go join him with a cup of coffee and laugh at the car.

Sorry, Joe, but regurgitation automatically negates your claim. No matter how much you want to be, you can't be me.


Now that would either 1) be an awfully bumpy ride or 2) catch on fire.

2: t*** or gtfo

Czech is in Central Europe, not Eastern. Prague is farther west than Vienna

#14: stfu & gtfo.

#16: Hi!

Man, I didn't think my car would get so "poplar", as it is clearly a piece of crap

You can tell how old the car is by counting the rings.

16: asl?

Click on my name Dan, and you shall find.

Unless you're asking about sea level, in which case about 734 ft.

i wuz talking about american sign language wanna cyber?

In Soviet Russia car... damn I can't think of anything.


sweet, hope to see a wooden hummer coming around in moscow's center these days. but anyway you ll never get a flat tire.

Yeah that is really cool looking. A bit scary too. I feel like those wheels are gonna come to life!

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