Jun 26 2007Poseidon 180 Superyacht


If you've got $50 million to spare (and really, who doesn't?), you can get the Poseidon 180, a superyacht designed for Bugatti yachts.

The revolutionary Poseidon 180 Superyacht features the military developed Bentley Yachts' Air Cavity Hull, a innovative hull Design which offers reduced hydrodynamic drag for about 30% better fuel efficiency than conventional monohulls with unsurpassed seakeeping and stability in heavy seas, making sea sickness a thing of the past!

So if the gentle rocking of the sea won't make you sick, the knowledge that you just dropped $50 million should. As should the jar of Ebola I just threw at your face!


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Reader Comments

This will only be cool after I get to watch one sink. Until then, whatever happened to lawn darts? We should bring those back.

#1 go suck an egg.

Only $50 million? A steal at twice the price.

Yachts are so passe! What about that Jellyfish 45 floating home? Now that seems practical... and I love how this one mentions the military developed hull. That's the reason for the $50 million pricetag. I bet in the private sector, it only costs $14.35

(Oh and I barely saw this post past the ad for robot armor! - I expected kevlar for my battlebots, not plastic mittens for my dainty UAW replacements drones)

Why are we still travelling on water?

50 mil? I'd spend that on anti-gravity research, or a giant peach. giant peaches float don't they?

Who says "suck and egg" anymore? seriously.

is it just me, or does the military need to keep to its day job of fighting for our freedom? This thing is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Bugatti backing it, you know it's quality. Well, as quality as spending 50 million on a giant floating shoehorn.

Stern is nice but the bow is ugly.
If I had 50 million to buy a yacht I'd rather spend it on a more classice/Italian design.

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