Jun 11 2007$1 Million Ice Cream Cone


Bruster's Real Ice Cream unveiled the world's first $1 million ice cream cone (left) at the JCK Las Vegas Show, based on their signature waffle cone (right). It was created by diamond manufacturer Lazare Kaplan International Inc. and consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, 548 round Lazare Diamonds, 87 Lazare square emerald cut diamonds, and one 5.63 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond. The total carat weight comes to 152.16 and the cone is on sale for $1 million. Although it seems like false advertising to call this thing an ice cream cone when there's not a single bit of ice cream in it. What if somebody buys this thing actually looking for ice cream? Man, I bet they'd be so pissed.


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Wow What will we waste money on next?

how utterly pointless. the real one looks a milion times better.

Well I just read that George Michael is prepared to bid £50 million for the Hirst skull


But when he finds out about this ice cream baby you can bet he'll buy it, stick a vibrating function in it and put it to good use... I'm not implying anything here.. he just likes art that vibrates or is.... vibrant or... something.

What... do you do with it? At least a human skull covered in diamonds will make a good paperweight... but this won't even stand upright! Plus, you KNOW my kids will want to play with it! So, forget it... I'm not getting one.

Yeah, your kids is the only thing keeping you from getting one Al. Why not just buy it then individually sell off the diamonds. Has to be worth more seperate than together. Like Cars parts!

Yes, their teeth will crack!

that ice cream must taste horrible, who would buy it?

I'd rather have the one on the right.

okay so i agree with all of you.
this ice cream idea is the stupidest idea i have ever heard of.
who the hell would want to buy this stupid idea for a decoration,
definetly a money waster!

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