May 14 2007Pininfarina designed steam shower


The Jacuzzi Morphosis Omega Steam Shower with Hydromassage is a steam shower designed by Ferrari design company Pininfarina. The thing costs $27,126 and will make everything else in your bathroom look like crap, but it's worth it just to say you own a shower designed by Pininfarina. This thing looks like it could fly you to the moon.

One more shot of this thing after the jump.



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Reader Comments

I thought it said Pirahna designed shower, which would let loose pirahnas to get rid of guests that overstayed their welcome, but I suppose this is cool too. Just not as cool.

It would be much cooler to have a shower with two shower heads.

Where are you supposed to pee in that thing?

Awesome. I'm absolutely positive I'd want one, just as soon as I figured out what it actually does.

it would be much cooler to have a shower with two heads giving me head.

Hey look, there's a beer can holder in it. Now it's worth it.

sometimes i see things on this website and i think "didn't i have that in my house on The Sims four or five years ago?"

What the hell is that in the shower? Gumby? If that's a seat it breaks a fundemantal law of showering, "never sit in a shower".
Because you can't sing as well sitting down.. ask anyone about the last record they bought sung by someone in a wheelchair... it was crap, am I not right?

Actually it's a steam shower Bob which is wet sauna.

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