May 15 2007Ice bulb


Instructables has a tutorial on how to build this ice bulb, which is basically an LED encased in ice. Not sure where or when you'd ever use it, but it sure looks neat. Kind of makes me want to encase more things in ice. Like my toaster. Or my computer. Or that kid down the street that's always walking on my lawn.

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Reader Comments

That would make your ice stash really easy to find by the cops, I wouldn't recommend it.

Finally, something that can turn a standard boring everyday popsicle into a super freaky disco popsicle. That idea is gonna make me a fortune at raves! Well maybe that, and my sideline of energy enhancement illeagal class A drugs! whooo Hoooo party people

It seems to me time could be saved by filling the balloon with ice right from the start instead of water and then having to freeze it.

That is a really big and crappy version of what they put in drinks at bars in Phoenix to remind us not to drink and drive. They flash red and blue and are the size of a normal ice cube. They run on batteries. This guy is just an idiot.

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