Apr 23 2007Billy's balls

This is a compilation video of some guy named Billy Marks bouncing ping pong balls into cups. It's amazing how little footage you can be left with when you edit 200 thousand hours of takes.

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Reader Comments

Not that it really matters I guess...But this guy is a pro skateboarder.

Why are the cups filled with water? Something evil is afoot.

water so that the balls won't bounce out.

Um...so do you think that I could somehow work this into my PhD?

so...don't challenge him to beer pong. got it.

Now what motherf***er!? NOW WHAT?

I like how it was filmed in his parents' house in southern California.

I feel a certain chill down my spine. Nature calls ...

How much footage was actually shot for this clip? 200,000 hours is 22.83 years of 24 hour a day continuous filming- I know Billy doesnt have much of a life but no way this is all he's done.

frig, I am soo scared

man, and i thought beer pong in college was great.

it wasnt filmed in his parents house, probably his house seeing as billy marks is one of the top professional skateboarders around now and for the past 5 years

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