Aug 31 2006Miuro the Japanese iPod robot


The new Japanese music robot Miuro, designed to turn an iPod music player into a scuttling boombox-on-wheels, is shown during a press conference in Tokyo Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006. Equipped with speaker systems developed with Japanese audio-maker Kenwood Corp., the 35-centimeter (14-inch) long machine, which looks like a ball popping out of an egg, from Tokyo-based venture ZMP Inc. will roll and twist from room to room blaring music. Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod portable player locks into the top of the 108,800 yen (US$930; euro725) robot.

I don't understand why this qualifies as a robot because as far as I can tell it's just a speaker attached to some wheels. Will it serve me coffee? Will it call me human master? It's lacking all the basic functions of what makes a robot truly a robot.

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FIRST! even if it IS a few years later.

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