Jun 2 2006High-Tech Panda Suit For Rent

panda_suit.jpgJapanese multimedia production company Buildup Co., Ltd. has announced that it will begin renting high-quality animatronic suits this month. The first suit they will rent is a panda suit that contains various technological features to help it achieve a more realistic look. The panda's face contains 14 remote control servo motors, which let the panda make facial expressions ranging from "pleasant smiles to angry grimaces" at the will of its controller. The suit contains a CCD camera system and a pair of video goggles for the person inside, removing the need for an unsightly peephole on the suit and increasing the range of vision for the wearer. The suit also comes equipped with a system that will set the suit on fire if it detects that it's being used for perverse sexual desires. Okay, it probably doesn't, but it should. Check the video to see it in action. With this suit you can finally add a panda to your backyard zoo without being arrested for gross negligence (again). Just make sure you alert your bow-hunting neighbor of your plans.

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How much would the Panda suit be for rent on Halloween night?

How much would it be to buy

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