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Astronomical!: You Could Fit All The Planets In The Solar System In The Distance Between The Earth And Moon


This is a visualization of the average distance from earth to the moon, with all the planets of the solar system neatly fitting between the two with room to spare. Wow, it's weird to think the moon is actually that far away. Because when I'm outside looking at it at night it seems like it's RIGHT THERE. Like, so close I could hit it with a rock if I just... *neighbor's window shattering* BACK INSIDE, BACK INSIDE. Cut the lights!

Thanks to Martin M, who agrees they should have still included Pluto for old time's sake.

Classical Orchestra Performs Rage Against The Machine


This is a video of an orchestra performing Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name'. It was very beautiful. Apparently they're trying to put together a whole album of orchestral arrangements of popular songs. If you're interested in that you can check out their Kickstarter HERE. Rage is definitely one of those bands I listen to when I'm preparing for battle. This arrangement though, this sounds more appropriate for an old fashioned sword duel. Gosh, I remember my first sword duel. I think he was a Spaniard. Guy came around asking how many fingers I have on my right hand. "You said six, didn't you?" No, I told him 'Just this one' and flipped him the bird.

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Because It's Halloween: Your Own Head In A Jar Prank


Print out a life-size picture of your smashed face, laminate it, and put it in a jar with food coloring (tutorial HERE in case you're having trouble grasping the concept). Then set it in the fridge or on a counter and wait for the screams. It works best if you haven't been seen or answered your phone for a couple days and your girlfriend/boyfriend really thinks you've gone missing. Then you can jump out of the closet swinging an axe and yell, "SURPRISE, I'M NOT REALLY DEAD!" You will be able to see the disappointment in their eyes.

One more example after the jump.

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Man Builds TARDIS Replica To Propose To Girlfriend


This is the the TARDIS replica that Redditor Muffinman5423 (are there really 5,400 other Muffinmen?!) built to propose to his girlfriend. There's a video of the actual proposal after the jump, which appears to have been filmed by a tree. Man, that TARDIS is bigger than my apartment. Like, even from the outside. My microwave sits on the back of the toilet. Which is convenient when I get hungry during a bubble-bath, provided I remembered to stock my shower caddy with Pop-Tarts.

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I Would Have Burned Myself Alive: Guy Gets Live Tick And Moth Removed From Ear


WARNING: Tons of Missouri good ol' boy and gurl cussin'. Also, video is disgusting.

This is a video of a guy complaining that a moth flew into his ear and it hurts. Then, when his friends start investigating, they find a BONUS tick inside that he didn't know was there. Eventually, they remove both, making it the most eventful day in Missouri's history, the end.

Keep going for the video, disgusting moth removal at 3:30, then only go outside with earmuffs on.

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Surprisingly Cathartic: Video Animation Of Little People Getting Tossed Around Like Ragdolls


This is 'I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up', an animation created by Dave Fothergill testing a new crowd dynamics feature that causes characters to flail and struggle after getting knocked down. I don't know about you, but if the Giant Spinning Metal Bar Of Death were a ride at an amusement park, I would ride it. AND keep my hands raised over my head the whole time. At least until they're ripped off. What can I say, I'm a thrill-seeker. I tried pitching a Wal-Mart style Black Friday Trampling ride to Disney but they weren't interested. Your loss, Walt, those tea cups aren't going to keep people visiting forever.

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The Zing Double Down King: KFC Korea's Even More Extreme Version Of The Double Down Sandwich


This is the Zing Double Down King, a wonderfully named sandwich from KFC South Korea that features not only bacon like the Double Down available here in the U.S., but a burger patty as well. Meaning it includes all three major carnivorous food groups: chicken, beef and pork. No word on the nutritional information, but rest assured it will kill you. Shhhhhhh -- can you hear that? "I don't hear anything." Exactly, that's the sound of my heart not beating after I stuff two of these f***ers in my mouth. *BRAP!* That was my death fart.

Thanks to JONES, who is already on a plane to North Korea to try one. AHAAHAHAHAH, WRONG KOREA, HOMIE.

Ouch, My Tongue!: Realistic Cactus Cupcakes


These are the realistic cacti cupcakes created by baker Alana Jones-Mann. She has a tutorial on her website HERE in case you want to try making some yourself. Granted yours will not look as good, but at least you tried. Here's what I'm going to do: bake some cactus cupcakes and serve them at my next party. I will do the same thing for my party after that. But then the party AFTER THAT ONE, I'll just put actual spikey cacti on the cupcakes then sit back and watch while all three of my friends impale their tongues. It will be my favorite party of all time.

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